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Simple Home Budget is simple money and budget manager

Simple Home Budget is easy to use money manager for home, small business, freelancers, non-profit or charity organizations. It offers carefully selected features to manage your finances in simple, fast and effective way.
Simple Home Budget records transactions of all kinds and lets you analyze income, expenses and net income for selected month, year to date or the last 12 months.
With only a glance at the total on the sidebar or summary charts, you can review your current financial position, the progress of finances, pinpoint costs and areas of excessive expenditure. You can project expected expenses and income and know how much money you will have at a future date.

What Can You Do With Simple Home Budget?

See where your hard-earned cash is going

pie chart expenses

See exactly where your personal finances are at for the year and plan your expenses. Simple Home Budget shows you all of your income, expenses, net income and running total in a summary color-coded Overview chart. You can see what you have and will have coming in, going out, and most importantly, what's left over each month to spend or save. Start spending money in a savvy way!

Remarkably easy to use

Simple Home Budget main view

Get started right out of the box as there is almost no learning curve. The program opens to the main window that displays the sidebar in the left and tabbed main area in the right. The sidebar shows the calendar to select an active month of data, the form to add new transactions and totals of income, expenses and net income for a selected month, as well as expected totals for scheduled transactions for an active month.

expense and income categories

The main tabbed area provides a quick access to transactions for a selected month or day, recurring transactions, summarized monthly view of income and expense by categories and graphic overview for a year. Thanks to the easy-to-navigate design, the majority of data entry, maintenance operations and graphic charts are less than two mouse clicks away!

Simple Home Budget add new transaction form

Adding a new transaction is a breeze to do. You can quickly add a new transaction from the sidebar form or the 'New' dialog on the toolbar of the appropriate tab: Transactions or Recurring. Specify the type of transaction: Expense, Income, or Refund. Then select the start date, the category, type in comments for the transaction and finally set up the amount. Save the transaction and that's it. Now the transaction record is displayed in the list of all transactions and in the Overview chart, showing your current financial position and progress for 12 months.

Easy to get started - free trial

You can try Simple Home Budget in action FOR FREE. Get started with a 40 day fully-functional trial today to gain control of your finances and start on the path to financial freedom and stability.

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Simple Use, Total Control

Managing your money could be very boring and never ending exercise. And it is! Grocery receipts, gas bills, unexpected car repairs...

Simple Home Budget is designed to make this experience really enjoyable, so you spend less time entering your transactions and also spend less time actually managing your money, so you have more time for your life and more money to spend save!

Easy Search

Want to find that transaction with "12 hundred something" amount? Just enter "12" in the search box and see it right away.

Searching for specific description or category? Just type letters in the search box and see the results "as you type".

Top 10 in two clicks

Want to see your "top spending" list? Just click the amount column header to sort!

You will start spending less!

see how you spend less

Want to see how much you spend on food for this month? Go to to "Categories" tab and click on the food category and see all your food expenses at glance! Plus compare it with previous six month right on spot!

Remind yourself about recurring payments and never miss your bill due date

know your due transactions

Always forget what bills you will get tomorrow or this week? Just take a look at expected income and expenses and see your situation right away!

Pie Chart for Expenses

history chart

Want to see the pie chart for your total financial health? Just take a look at the "Overview" tab to see how you performed for the last twelve months.

And there are many other features to help you to have easy, "just one click away" control over all your expenses and income.

Budget... without budgeting

Budgeting is boring and depressing process. Nobody likes the idea to put ourselves in the "cage" to limit our spending. But we all have to do it, unless your credit card has "no limit"...

Simple Home Budget makes the budgeting easy exercise since it has no budget table or form to fill! Instead it uses all available information to show what you should expect.

Each time you transform your regular transaction to recurring, you are freeing yourself from entering that transaction again (since it is the same transaction, why should you fill it again and again?). From the other side, you are telling Simple Home Budget what to expect. As a result, you won't have to enter recurring transactions ever again (just confirm), and also have the budget provided to you for any selected month!

Running Total

Running Total is calculated from the beginning of your transaction history and shows the amount of money available to by the end of specific month. To have full benefit from this feature, it is required to enter the "initial balance" in the first month (at the beginning of that month) of your transaction history.

Expected Transactions for current month

see expected income and expenses

The "Recurring" tab highlights expected amounts (income as green and expenses as yellow). Total expected income and expenses also shown in the "Totals" section on the sidebar.

Temperature of your financial health

The "Totals" section shows actual net income, expected net income and running total with color rectangles behind them. Green means "good", yellow means "pay attention", red means "stop your expenses". Actual "temperature" for specific amount is somewhere between green and red, something like "solid green", or "the green is more yellow now", or "that light orange color is telling me something".

Spending by category for the last six months

The "Categories" tab shows you graph for selected category in the right bottom corner. This graph represents the amount for this category for the last months. You can see right away if your new grocery store is really cheaper, or the result of changing light bulbs to "eco" ones on your hydro bill.

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What Customers Are Saying About Simple Home Budget

"The Simple Home Budget program is an easy interface, with everything I was looking for in a program to set up our home budget while being able to track where on earth our money goes! I find it so helpful to see in a glance who we owe, who we have paid, when things are due! It is a wonderful program and I will share it with my friends and family! When my laptop crashed, and had to be taken back to factory configuration, I lost the program. I emailed their support team, explained my situation, and in the same day, I was able to reinstall it, reactivate it and tomorrow will be setting it all up again! On a scale of 1 to 10 and 10 being the best, I rate Home Budget Software a 10." - Deonna Bishopp, Indiana

"I am glad that you offered a 30-day free trial. I might not have tried Simple Home Budget otherwise, and, after about a week, I realized that I finally had found the right budgeting software for me -- not too complicated nor too basic. Because Simple Home Budget is so fast and easy to use, I find that I enter my data pretty often (I'm usually lazy about doing that sort of thing). I now have a realistic budget based on my actual spending habits and a quick, easy and flexible way to stay within it. Kudos to you for creating such useful, helpful and inexpensive software and for your quick and helpful customer support." - LP

"Simple Home Budget is perfect. Beautiful. Most home accounting software is complicated bloatware for us simple folks." - John H. Colton, NY

"Easy to use program. Finally, I can manage my finances without spending too much time on it. Can see right away if i can go shopping today :)." - Olenka T., ON

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