converter posts transactions into wrong quicken account

Using this converting tool- the transactions are posted into the wrong account (a credit card account-rather than the bank account i have highlighted and open in Quicken

what's the solution?


asked Jul 10, 2015 by anonymous

1 Answer


Once you load the CSV file, make sure to select correct account type and enter different account ID and create new QFX file.

answered Jul 10, 2015 by sergiy
Different account id? How do I get the correct account id from Quicken?

actual account ID is not important, but it has to be different from the one you used to create the QFX file for the first account.

For example:

- you convert CSV to QFX for the first account, you keep default default offered account ID as 9999999
- when you convert CSV to QFX for the second account, change default account ID to different number before saving the QFX file. You can use actual credit card number or any other number you can easily associate with this account

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