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Your tool is impressive.  So much so I just placed an order for it.  The tests I ran were very each to process during the trial period.  I was able to take a full month's income and expense line items from Excel and got them imported into Quicken. As for feedback, my approach during the trial period was to start small - one Account, using the same Category.  Once successful, I then used multiple Accounts and multiple categories.  The only thing that I wanted to try but ran out of time to do so was to have a single Payee with multiple Split line items going to different Categories.  Executing the program I was able to quickly see that it is a quality product.  The ability to map data elements if not readily determined by the program is easy to do. Joe
asked Dec 29, 2013 by anonymous

1 Answer

Hello Joe,

Thank you for your feedback!

You can create split transactions with up to three splits. Splits must be separate columns (so each transaction still takes one lines), the column name must be the Category name for the split, and the column value for each transaction must be the amount of the split.

for example.

Date    Description   Amount   CategorySplit1 CategorySplit2
2012-12-31  memo here  100.00   90.00    10.00

Load the CSV file, click the Review Mapping and assign the split columns on the sidebar at the bottom. Save the mapping and recreate the QIF file.
answered Dec 29, 2013 by sergiy
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