QIF Mapping for Investment conversion


I need to get the column mappings for Investment conversion. I'm only getting partial imports using CSV2QIF.  I'm trying to get a ton of transactions uploaded prior to taxes.


asked Jan 4, 2014 by anonymous

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Hello Kevin,

There is could be few reasons for that on conversion and Quicken side.

Try to load the QIF into QIF2CSV to confirm the number of transactions in the QIF file.

The CSV file must have all transactions with non-zero amount, otherwise they would be skipped - the QIF file must have non-zero amount for all transactions.

Once the CSV file is loaded, check the Transactions tab columns:

  • date (all transactions have correct date shown)
  • amount (all transactions have non-zero amount)
  • security name
  • price
  • quantity,
  • investment action
  • (all columns must be present otherwise it would be imported as the cash transaction)
answered Jan 4, 2014 by sergiy

I have all the proper transactional information loaded into the
spreadsheet. Its just not being translated by CSV2QIF. There appears to be
some differences between a QIF export and the QIF generated by CSV2QIF.
There are a couple of entries that seem to be missing although the
information you listed below is properly in the spreadsheet.
That's why I'm asking for the proper mappings that would match an
investment transaction BuyX. Thanks..

answered Jan 4, 2014 by anonymous


Once you load the CSV file, click the Review Mapping button, and review assigned fields on the sidebar. Some fields may be set to "do not use" - you do not have assign them unless you have the field on the source file.

For investment transactions, the following field must be assigned:

  • date
  • amount (or debit and credit if you have two columns for the amount)
  • investment action
  • security name
  • price
  • quantity
answered Jan 4, 2014 by sergiy
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