Import a PDF file with transactions to QuickBooks

To import a PDF file to QuickBooks, use PDF2QBO (PDF to QBO Converter). PDF2QBO reads your PDF bank or credit card statement, finds transactions there, shows them for your review and creates a QBO (web connect) file ready to import into QuickBooks Desktop or QuickBooks online.

QuickBooks desktop has to be not older than three years old to import QBO (web Connect) files. If the current year is 2017, QuickBooks 2015, 2016, 2017 import QBO files. QuickBooks 2014 imports QBO files as well until April 2017 when QuickBooks 2014 stops importing QBO files.

PDF files have to be text-based (you can select text when you open a PDF file in a PDF viewer or browser. PDF2QBO reads PDF files, find transactions there and converts them to a QBO file.

PDF2QBO cleans the description to be used for payee and keep full description as bank memo.

QBO files are Web connect files and they are imported in QuickBooks under the Bank Feeds Center. Under the Bank Feeds center, once imported, transactions are matched to vendor records and assigned expense/income accounts and then added to the register.

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