Make your transaction files importable with the ProperConvert app

Need to import transaction files into accounting software, but the format is not supported? Use our ProperConvert app to convert your transaction files into a compatible format and import into your accounting or personal finance software.

The ProperConvert app combines all our knowledge and efforts to make your transaction files importable into your accounting software. When you have a file downloaded from your online banking or exported from production system, the app will help you make it importable into your accounting software.

  • Unlock transactions from incompatible formats and save time on reentering data you already have
  • Import transactions into QuickBooks (PC/Mac/Online), Quicken, Xero, Excel/CSV, Sage (50/300/One), Wave Accounting, ZarMoney, MS Money, REACT, MYOB, NetSuite and others
  • Full control for date and numeric formats world-wide for input, view and output
  • Easy to use Desktop software for Windows and macOS to review, sort and edit transactions and keep your data confidential data on your computer
  • Used by many accountants, accounting professionals, CPAs, QuickBooks Pro Advisors, bookkeepers (see the testimonials)

Extract transactions from many financial formats

Convert from many formats with transactions

Convert from CSV, Excel, TXT, PDF (text and scan), OFX, QFX, QBO, QIF/QMTF, MT940/STA:

Convert to formats ready for import into Quickbooks (Desktop and Online)

QuickBooks logo > Import into QuickBooks 2022-2024 and Quickbooks Online through the QBO format or all QuickBooks Desktop versions through the IIF format. For general journal entries, convert to QBJ or IIF format (General Journal Entries mode).

Read more about Quickbooks formats

Make your files importable by Quicken

Quicken logo > Import into Quicken for Windows as QIF format and Quicken for Windows and macOS as QFX (Web Connect). Keep using your Quicken version by converting to QIF format.

Read more about Quicken formats

Convert to formats compatible with Xero, Sage, Wave and others

Xero logo > Sage logo > Many cloud apps import directly from bank accounts, but not every bank. Use the converter and make your file importable. Most of accounting and personal finance cloud apps import OFX. Some imports CSV as well. See below or check the cloud app you use which format they prefer to import. Search your accounting software documentation for things like "how to import a bank statement in [Xero, FreeAgent, etc]" to confirm which file format these services import.

Your accounting or personal finance software (like Banktivity, MYOB, Sage 50, Sage 300, NetSuite) should import transactions using one of the following files formats: CSV, OFX, QFX, QBO, QIF, IIF, MT940. The ProperConvert app converts to all these listed formats.

Read more about formats supported by accounting apps

Extract transactions into formats compatible with Excel, Google Sheets

Need to work with transactions in Excel, but the file cannot be opened by Excel? Use the ProperConvert app. It extracts transactions from the following formats:

Export transactions to CSV, Excel (XLSX, XLS), copy to clipboard.

Conversion Options for Different File Types

For bank and credit card transactions, the ProperConvert app converts from the following formats:

The ProperConvert app converts into a file format compatible with your accounting or personal finance or spreadshhet software:

Both bank account transactions and credit card transactions are supported. Check which file types your accounting software imports and convert to a file with expected file extension.

Types of Transactions to convert

The ProperConvert app converts bank and credit card transactions. Depending on your accounting software, each type of transaction could have slightly different definition (for example, when compering QuickBooks and Quicken), but overall supported transaction types are deposit, check, payment, credit card charge, credit card payment, credit card refund.

Extract transactions from PDF statements

Credit card and bank statements are supported. Scanned, image based, excypted and llocked PDFs are supported (password is required for statements locked for viewing).

Convert CSV/Excel files with transactions

When downloaded from online banking, exported from a production system, PayPal, Stripe, Square and other, the converter allows to map the columns in the CSV file. Splits are supported for QIF and IIF files. CSV files with splits can be converted to formats not supporting splits by separating splits into standalone transactions.