Convert transaction files to a format your accounting software imports

Need to import transactions, but the format is not supported by your accounting software? Try ProperSoft converters and make your transaction files importable.

Convert from:
CSV, Excel, TXT
PDF (text and scan)

ProperSoft converters convert from many formats with transactions:

  • Downloaded from your online banking
  • Exported from your existing accounting software
  • Received from your clients (downloaded from their online banking or printed and scanned)
  • Use the Transactions app to view and convert from and to multiple formats
  • Export as CSV and work on your transactions in Excel before converting to a final format
  • Converting one or multiple statement
  • Use advance renaming rules to adjust payee names, categories or assign categories based on payee names.
  • Automatically determine your document setting for number and date formats.
  • Exclude or edit any transaction during conversion.

quickbooks logo

Import into Intuit QuickBooks 2020-2023 and Quickbooks Online through the QBO format (use Transactions) or all QuickBooks Desktop versions through the IIF format. For general journal entries, convert to QBJ or IIF format with General Journal Entries.

  • When your bank does not support (or no longer supports) Quickbooks, convert to QBO format and import as regular direct transaction download with Bank Feeds features, existing renaming rules and your existing bookkeeping workflow.
  • When your Quickbooks version is discontinued, convert to IIF format and import directly into register using advanced renaming features right in the converter.
  • Enter your Journal Entries quickly in Excel or export from the database handling your business, and convert to General Entry files (QBJ) and import into Quickbooks with full audit trial.
  • Make incorrect transaction files from your bank importable into Quickbooks.

quicken logo

Import into Quicken Quicken 2005-2023 for Windows as QIF format and Quicken 2020-2023 (Windows and macOS) as QFX (Web Connect). Keep using your Quicken version by converting to QIF format.

  • Use the Transactions app for all required formats.
  • Convert to a format your specific Quicken needs (for example, QIF to QFX for Quicken for Mac or QFX to QIF for Quicken for Windows.)
  • Prepare checks to print in Excel and quickly convert and import into Quicken and print.
  • Make incorrect bank or credit card transaction files importable into Quicken.
  • Using Quicken for 2007 for Mac? Make your files importable into this personal finance software.

xero logosage on logowave accounting logozarmoney logo

Many cloud apps import directly from bank accounts, but not every bank. Your client may not have direct import feature. Use the converter and make your file importable. Most of accounting and personal finance cloud apps import OFX. Some imports CSV as well. See below or check the cloud app you use which format they prefer to import.

  • Use the Transactions app for all required formats.
  • For Xero, convert to OFX or QFX or QBO or QIF or CSV formats.
  • Import into Sage One, Sage 50, Sage 300 converting to the OFX format.
  • wave Accounting imports QFX, OFX.
  • FreeAgent imports CSV, QIF, QFX.
  • LessAccounting imports QIF, QFX.
  • ZarMoney imports OFX, QFX.
  • YNAB imports CSV, QIF, QFX, OFX.