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OFX2CSV converts OFX to CSVWhen you download ofx2csv crack or serial or keygen or other crack, seria, or keygen for any of ProperSoft converters, be sure to do one thing: verify that it does not have viruses/trojans/malware (especially if you have financial details on your computer). And if you need support, please don’t forget to actually purchase a license.

You can purchase OFX2CSV at the purchase page The purchase price includes the license to use the software and support.

Why this article is here? It is here to explain that there is no such thing as free. OFX2CSV is a product that has many hours behind it. There are many little details that OFX2CSV covers in background to make sure that your OFX file is parsed fine and you can access your data and trust it.

There are some banks or software producing OFX files not following the format. You may have such file and not likely the OFX file will be corrected by the source that created it. OFX2CSV covers many such cases. When you are using OFX2CSV, you may contact ProperSoft to help them get the data out of the OFX files. That is one of things covered by support and the license you purchase. Of course there are some cases when OFX file you have is not really an OFX file, but still you can ask support, and some real person will look at your file and give an answer.

If you like OFX2CSV, write a review about it (one or two paragraphs, with your name (the way you like it to be displayed) and optional link to your website, as well as your photo) and receive a discount.

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