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Import into Quicken through QIF format (all Quicken versions are supported) or QFX format (all Quicken versions are supported until they are three years old). There are some differences with QIF and QFX import (see below).

import into quicken converting to QIF or QFX

Import into Quicken through QIF format.

  • Use CSV2QIF to convert CSV, Excel (XLS, XLSX), TXT to QIF and import into all Quicken versions
  • Use OFX2QIF to convert OFX to QIF
  • Use QFX2QIF to convert QFX (Web connect) to QIF
  • Use Bank2QIF to convert OFX, QFX, QBO, QIF, QBX, OFX to QIF
  • Use QBO2QIF to convert QBO to QIF
  • UseĀ FixMyQIF to make QIF file importable

Import into Quicken through QFX format (Quicken versions 2013,2012,2011 are supported)

  • Use CSV2QFX to convert CSV, Excel (XLS, XLSX), TXT to QFX and import into Quicken
  • Use OFX2QFX to convert OFX to QFX
  • Use Bank2QFX to convert OFX, QFX, QBO, QIF, QBX, OFX to QFX

What are main differences between QIF and QFX import into Quicken?

  • QIF format supports categories (and subcateogries) and tags, and QFX does not (Quicken offers the renaming rules feature to assign the category during import
  • QIF formats for Quicken, Microsoft Money and other software are different by their structure. ProperSoft converters allow to create different QIF variants by selecting the QIF target value.
  • QIF import into Quicken is not “officially supported” by Quicken support. Regardless of the support, QIF files import quite well for all account types. Simply follow the instructions provided on the converter help page, and your data will be imported.
  • QFX format creates “online services link” to account ID values provided on the QFX files. Make sure to enter different account IDs when converting QFX files for different accounts.
  • QFX files stop importing once your Quicken version becomes three years old. You have to either buy the upgrade or start using QIF format.
  • Overall, QIF format is somewhat easier to import than QFX (truly based on our experience).
  • QFX format can be imported by Quicken Essentials for Mac
  • QIF format can be imported by Quicken for MAc 2007 (which is support OS X Lion and which the users still using over Quicken Esssentials for Mac).


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