PDF to OFX (Web Connect) Converter

Convert PDF file to OFX (Web Connect) format

PDF2OFX (PDF to OFX (Web Connect)) converts bank, credit card files to OFX (Web Connect) format

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Where is the manual how to use PDF2OFX?

  1. Start PDF2OFX, it will show the file dialog to locate a one or more of PDF files. Click on the file (or hold CTRL and click on more than one file to select multiple files) and click Open on the file dialog.
  2. Click the Save button to save loaded transactions to OFX (Web Connect) file.

Which PDF statements are supported?

PDF statement must downloaded directly from your bank. When you open a PDF file in a PDF viewer, the text must be selectable and allowed to be copied.

Are scanned PDF statements supported?

Not a this moment. You will spend a lot of time correcting OCRed scanned document. It is faster and easier to use Excel to enter data and use one of our CSV2* converters to convert to required format.

How I should import a OFX (Web Connect) file that PDF2OFX created into MS Money?

  1. Start MS Money and click File, then Import, then Import, then Downloaded Statements.
  2. On the file dialog, nagivate to the folder where you saved a OFX (Web Connect) file, select it and click Open.
  3. On the import screen, select an account from the account drop down list or select to create new account.
  4. Review your imported transactions (Done!).

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