CSV, Excel, TXT to QFX (Web Connect) Converter

Convert CSV, Excel or other spreadsheet file to QFX (Web Connect) format

CSV2QFX (CSV, Excel, TXT to QFX (Web Connect)) converts bank, credit card files to QFX (Web Connect) format

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What can I do with CSV2QFX?

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I bought the wrong software, sent an email and refund was quickly given, communication was fast, Thanks!

Thanks for being so proactive in reaching out!

Very satisfied. All questions were answered very promptly and I learned something about the program that will help me. By the way will your budget program be compatible with Windows 8? Jim Smith

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Can I try before purchasing?

Where is the manual how to use CSV2QFX?

  1. Start CSV2QFX, it will show the file dialog to locate a one or more of CSV, Excel, TXT files. Click on the file (or hold CTRL and click on more than one file to select multiple files) and click Open on the file dialog.
  2. Review the Transactions tab. If you notice that certain columns should reassigned, click the Review Mapping button and assign columns from your original file to the columns on the sidebar (for the Mac version, simply assign columns on the sidebar).
  3. Return to the Transactions tab.
  4. Click the Save button to save loaded transactions to QFX (Web Connect) file.

Do you have a sample CSV file to help me started?

How I should import a QFX file that CSV2QFX created under Quicken 2013+(including 2015)?

  1. Start Quicken and click File, then File Import, then Web Connect file.
  2. On the import screen, select existing account or create new account.
  3. Confirm the account is updated (one time).
  4. Review your imported transactions (Done!).

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