About ProperSoft Inc.

Sergiy Tytarenko, ProperSoft Developer> ProperSoft is a small software company (family size business) based (working and living) in Ontario, Canada. We create transaction format converters since 2008.

When you contact ProperSoft, you contact the developer (Sergiy) directly. I either help you with an issue or tweak/fix the software to fix the issue you experienced.

All ProperSoft products are digitally signed by ProperSoft's digital certificate.

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ProperSoft Inc. does not collect information that personally identifies individuals except when such specific information is provided by individuals on a voluntary basis. ProperSoft Inc. does not sell personal information or make it available to a third party. ProperSoft Inc. may monitor information on visitors to this website by maintaining standard server log files. This information is used only to determine the number of visitors to the website and the attendance statistics.

Data we collect

Your email address

You can request a trial license and we link it to your email address. We follow up with you during your trial to provide you support during your trial. Once your trial is finished, we will follow up with you on your trial to provide related help you may need.

We may communicate with you through your email on important changes (features, improvements) to our products.

All our email messages have a link to unsubscribe from any further emails.

Your order details

When you place an order with us, you are redirected to a payment gateway (Thrivecart/Stripe, PayPro Global, Paddle, Fastspring.com), and it securely processes your order and sends us the following details from your order:

Clicky.com and Google Analytics

We use clicky.com and Google Analytics to track our website usage to have better understanding if the content and products we provide are useful to our customers and visitors. We do not send your email or other details to tag your visits. These services may place cookies in your browser.

No Spyware

ProperSoft Inc. products do not include any 'spyware' or 'adware'. On some forms (like 'About' or 'Register') it provides you with links to our website. You can click on them to open specified web locations in your default browser.