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  1. Thank you very much

  2. I was delighted to get such a quick and efficient support. Bravo regards Gerard

  3. Your efforts were given without limit. However the problem remained un-resolved. The same outcome, followed every attempt suggested. Simply put. Intuit Wins. I will just buy a new version of Quickbooks. Sincerely, Cary

  4. Good,l'm satisfied.

  5. Thanks so much for your help. You did a great job.

  6. Speedy, focussed and the same person dealing with the problem. Excepttional.

  7. Very, very pleased with the support that I received! Thanks so much for the help!

  8. No comment, I just made a suggestion.

  9. Your response was extremely prompt!

  10. Perfec two years ago i try whit another tool about, but was only in english but whit your tools we have spanish maybe only we need to change some words to local people but i say before in ACCPAC the only option is the OFX and all my client will love this product.

  11. Thanks.

  12. perfect and worked great . Thanks buddy.

  13. Excellent and clear support as I am a not-technical user!!

  14. Excellent Quality Service

  15. Really helpful!

  16. Many Thanks George

  17. Thank you it's a big help for me..


  19. My request was attended to promptly and to my satisfaction. I am very impressed and pleased with your service.

  20. very god service

  21. Hi Sergiy, Your consideration exceeds what could be expected. I am truly grateful. All has progressed swiftly, without a hitch. It is also a pleasure to see my countryman succeeding. May you enjoy excellent fortune in this enterprse.

  22. The answer worked! Thanks!

  23. Very Quick and accurate help.

  24. Thanks for working with me. I hope you can use the advice i provided on fixing this so other customers who have similar needs won't have problems in the future.

  25. Thank you for your prompt reply Mike Cowen

  26. software has "saved my week" :) Thanks!

  27. Surprised and delighted at quick turnaround - got my data taken care of.


  29. Very satisfied. All questions were answered very promptly and I learned something about the program that will help me. By the way will your budget program be compatible with Windows 8? Jim Smith

  30. Thanks! It works as expected now. Great support.

  31. Excellent, clear instructions. Software performed as advertised.

  32. My query was responded to very quickly, accurately and with no fuss at all. Thank you.

  33. Great timely service. Solved the problem right away. So I didn't have to waste anytime on downloading. And the new version ran smoothly.

  34. I bought the wrong software, sent an email and refund was quickly given, communication was fast, Thanks!

  35. Slow to get my code to use the software but they responded quickly when I complained.

  36. Thanks!

  37. Appreciate you pointing out I had downloaded the wrong file!

  38. The support got me past my problem. What more can I say.

  39. Thank you so much for the prompt reply of my concerns. Your CSR has prompt and courteous service!

  40. Excellent, offered a possible solution within my existing program first and then offered a possible product that would resolve my issue.

  41. Yes I'm aware I could change the date format in the created CSV file on the dates that failed to output correctly, but I believe all dates shown after conversion should all be at least in the same format, which I totally understand may not be my preferred choice. Having said that, no problem with your customer service. In my opinion it's your software that needs some tweaking.

  42. Sergiy did an excellent job.

  43. Thanks for the support

  44. Your response was quick and helpful, though I was confused as to why the qif2qfx would not work and the fixmyqif did was strange. Im saving the money so I can pay for the license but wanted to say that this program works easily and accurately Thanks

  45. Very good. Quick and resolved problem.

  46. Your response was rapid and just what I needed. Thanks.

  47. Support wa excellent; unfortunately, I have to stay with Quic 2002 in English; wheras the EXCEL format is French, therefore, no QIF importation is possible . Tks again

  48. Sergly, has spent a lot of valuable time with me in problem solving.

  49. Sergiy is, like last time, swift and efficient.

  50. You are very fast men! I can mention here your respect for the clients and their necessities. So, I can say too about your product. Hoping that my art of spell English language is reasonable, I say: go, go, go.

  51. I was extremely impressed with how fast and professional Sergiy is in supporting. Teddy

  52. Thanks!

  53. My question was answered in a very reasonable time but that was due that I did not get my registration code in a follow up email without requesting it.

  54. good

  55. Propmt and accurate

  56. I thought the response time was very good but the response itself was somewhat terse. Maybe this because my query seemed to be facile!

  57. Thanks. I got just the information I needed. Now I am happy & purchased the product.

  58. Very well satisfied

  59. Fast response which confirms support for ProperSoft products

  60. It was quick and painless. Sergiy was extremely helpful in resolving my issue.

  61. Great job. Always seem to get a fast response from ProperSoft

  62. Thanks!

  63. Thanks.. It was really a quick and satisfying response. Creates enough trust to head towards purchasing. Hope this will be maintained.

  64. The responses was quick and satisfactory. Thanks for resolving the issue.

  65. that's OK I have to decide if I want to pay

  66. Thank you for your quick response and understanding in this issue. One recommendation , I would like a field where I can enter the ending balance as without this my quickbooks online gets itself into a bit of a twist. Take a look at big red consulting's converter they have this input field.

  67. appreciated the explaination of issue, hopeful that team can figure out a method to fix a gap native to the file structure.

  68. Very helpful, and in a recod time.. Tks a lot

  69. quick response. Thanks!

  70. Sergiy's response was almost immediate and extremely helpful!!!!!

  71. Prompt and accurate service

  72. Very prompt response. Thank you.

  73. answer came right away and fixed the problem. couldn't ask for more.

  74. While my issues are not yet resolved, I did report my problems on a weekend and did hear back from Sergiy. I am confident we will get this issue resolved.

  75. Service is excellent. Looking forward for an app version for iOS and Android devices.

  76. We didn't completely solve the problem, but that was because the fault is almost certainly within Quicken. Many thanks to Sergiy for his prompt and helpful responses. Nick

  77. thanks for the quick reply and the fix (which worked)

  78. respoinse was prompot and thorough. In fact, I did ourchae a license and ther program is great.

  79. Your support team is very proactive, offering help even before it is requested. Good job!

  80. Great Utilities. I tested several conversions and found the configuration mapping to be a real hit. Thanks, Bob

  81. Excellent!

  82. They got back to my question quickly, although we had a misunderstanding I profited much from contacting them and the help email they sent me.

  83. Excellent, competent and efficient

  84. the explanation I received was much much better than the on line help.

  85. Quick response. Correct suggestions. Very good.

  86. Great experience. Extremely helpful and didn't make me feel like an idiot for my stupid mistake! Thanks

  87. Great help. All my questions were answered in one day.

  88. Excellent, direct and on-point responses. Sehe ich im Hintergrund Ihr Bild, das Fernsehtum Berlin?

  89. Excellent service

  90. And I bought the product this morning. Thank you very much.

  91. very well and prompt reply, it was help indeed, thanks

  92. Great support. Answered all my questions wihtin a day. I purchased the products and am very happy .

  93. ONCE everything was clarrified, the correction was made to a mapping option and immediately fixed the problem. Just wish I could have communicated via the phone. It would have saved several worthless email.

  94. Quick reply. Thanks!

  95. Great service

  96. satisfied with the response not sure why my data is all missing including restore

  97. Very responsive customer service. Thank you!

  98. yes it was fixed, thanks

  99. Responsive and helpful on a Sunday afternoon. Highly satisfied.

  100. Perfect!