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Download OFX2QBO

Please read End User License Agreement before installing software. Use install and uninstall instructions.

Free Trial limitations

IMPORTANT: You are downloading a fully functional software that is locked to convert limited number of transactions. You can unlock the software by purchasing the registration code and registering the software or activating with your existing active registration code. After the software is registered, it becomes fully unlocked. There is no need to re-download software if you already downloaded it (unless you want to download the latest version and install over the existing version on your computer or re-install the software).

Software requirements for Windows

Software Requirements for Mac

Download and Installation Instructions

Windows Installer (regular download)

Windows Archive (Portable) version

macOS version

Uninstall Instructions

Windows Installer version

Open Programs and Features under Control Panel under the Start Menu, locate OFX2QBO, click it to select and click the Uninstall/Remove button. Follow the uninstaller instructions to complete uninstall.

Windows Archive (Portable) version

Using the file explorer, locate the folder where OFX2QBO was unzipped, and delete the application.

Mac version

Locate OFX2QBO under the Applications folder and click-drag it to the recycle bin icon on the dock.

End User License Agreement

EULA can be found here