Convert CSV files with splits

This tutorial shows how to map splits. We will use the Bank2QBO converter for this example.

Use the ProperConvert app, which converts from more formats and converts to more formats.

Splits are a difficult topic, but the converter tries to help you, as much, as possible, to allow you to create the transaction with more, than one split. So, usually transaction, without split - it would be all Amount goes to a specific category, and that's it. Not all formats support splits, but all Propersoft converters support splits. So, how it is done? This tutorial is applicable to all CSV2 converters and all Bank2 converters, they all work the same way, as a Macintosh or Windows, and either, it's the format to which you convert support splits or not. So, let's say, in our case, we see that we have a Bank2QBO converter and the QBO format does not support splits. What you're gonna do? If you have splits, where you're gonna put them? Let's say, you have a PayPal file and you have Gross, Fee, and Net column. So, you have two splits and the Amount. And, in this case, Net would be Amount and 'Split1' would be Gross, and 'Split2' would be a Fee. Some users are okay to have split separated into separate transactions. So, instead of creating a transaction with multiple splits, if the format you convert into does not allow splits, you could create separate transactions, and for your purposes, if it works for you, then it's fine. If it doesn't work for you, then you have to use different formats, that support splits. And, regardless, the converter will work in either case.

Convert CSV files with splits Step 1: main window

So, in this case, we have a CSV file, that has the Amount column, 'Split1', 'Split2', 'SplitCategory1', 'SplitCategory2'. If you don't have split category columns - the name of this split column will be used as a category name for all transactions. And if you do have a split category column, then the name provided for each transaction will be used, as a split category.

Convert CSV files with splits Step 2: sample splits

If you name splits, as in this example, which is 'Split1', 'Split2', 'Split3', and so on, for the Amounts, 'SplitCategory1', 'SplitCategory2', 'SplitCategory3' for the category columns - the converter will map this automatically. As you see, this is automapping, there is no mapping applied.

Convert CSV files with splits Step 3: auto

And splits are recognized. This is how splits look like, that is 'Office supplies: -11,00, Tax: -1,34', 'Utilities: -55,00, Fee: 5,00'.

Convert CSV files with splits Step 4: splits

If you don't have those Names, but you don't want to edit the split file, how would you do that?

Convert CSV files with splits Step 5: Name

You have to click 'Review Mapping'.

Convert CSV files with splits Step 6: Review Mapping

You have to set the number of splits here.

Convert CSV files with splits Step 7: number of splits

And you have to select a column, which is responsible for split amounts.

Convert CSV files with splits Step 8: split amounts

And split categories.

Convert CSV files with splits Step 9: split categories

That's it, and then once you save the mapping, make sure to verify the splits column, that all splits are parsed correctly.

Convert CSV files with splits Step 10: splits column

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