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Do you have bank or credit card transactions stored in a PDF file but cannot open it in Excel as a table with transactions? Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets, or another spreadsheet app do not open PDF files directly, and copying text from an opened PDF does not work for tables either.

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The Solution: Try the ProperConvert app. It converts your transactions into a format from PDF to CSV.

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PDF (Portable Document Format) is a widely used format for documents that are shared and viewed on various devices and platforms. PDFs are meant to be shared and look exactly the same everywhere (on paper, on screen, etc.), but from the data point of view, PDFs are not great to work with.

Convert transaction PDF to CSV

Comprehensive tool for your bookkeeping needs

extract transactions as CSV

How can I use the converter tool to convert transactions from PDF?

The conversion process is simple and straightforward.

Can I access the transaction table in a PDF file without converting?

You may copy data as plain text directly from a PDF file opened in Adobe Acrobat into Excel and then copy and paste parts of the transaction, like date, amount, and description, into separate table cells. This process may take more time than using the conversion tool.

Can I drag and drop tabular data from a generic PDF reader?

Yes, some PDF readers allow text selection and then drag and drop to a spreadsheet app. However, extracted data need to be in tabular form.

Can a generic PDF tool be used to extract tabular transaction data?

Yes, some generic PDF tools (even free online ones as well) provide export to CSV. These apps include other data from the PDF file, like the account header, interest table, and other details that are not transaction details. However, you may need to clean up the created CSV file, including date and amount columns that could be in an incorrect document format. For example, in a PDF file, dates could be presented in short wording format like "May 3", so you will need to convert to a format needed with the year added like "2024-05-03".

Can the conversion program be used by multiple users?

Yes, the app can be installed on multiple computers and used by different users. We offer license options for multiple users.

Is there a free converter version?

We provide a free trial to test the parsing without limitations and convert to up to 10 transactions into an output file.

Is there an online converter version?

All conversions are done on your desktop.

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