Convert QFX to QBO and import into Quickbooks

Compatibility between various file formats is a common hurdle. For example, converting QFX files (Quicken Financial Exchange files) to QBO (QuickBooks Desktop) format is often necessary for seamless integration into accounting software.

If you have a QFX file downloaded from your bank and need to import it into Quickbooks Desktop, the QFX file needs to be converted to the QBO format first. Use the ProperConvert app (QFX to QBO converter) to convert your files.

How Does ProperConvert Work?

The process is straightforward: users upload their QFX file into ProperConvert, select QBO as the desired output format, and the application converts the file. This converted file can then be easily imported into QuickBooks, thus streamlining financial management and accounting practices.

extract transactions from OFX files

Convert transaction QFX files to the QBO format

How different QFX and QBO files?

Not very different. Both formats are essentially OFX files with added specific details. Yes, they should be imported as OFX files if the accounting software you use properly imports OFX files.

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