Download bank transactions into QuickBooks

The most common task when using Quickbooks is to enter transactions. Often banks provide transactions through online banking. Instead of entering transactions by hand from the printed paper statement, check first which format your online banking provides.

File formats from online banking

Importing into Quickbooks Desktop and Quickbooks Online

QuickBooks 2021-2024 imports QBO (Web Connect) files as the easiest option to import transactions. Quickbooks provides the Bank Feeds interface to "match" transactions to vendor records after import and assign expense/income accounts and add transactions into the register.

Transactions in the QBO format

Transactions in the OFX format

Transactions in the QFX format

Transactions in the QIF format

Transactions in the CSV format

Transactions in PDF bank statement

Import as IIF format

Importing into older Quickbooks

For older Quickbooks, IIF format is the only option to import. Use the instructions above to get your data into IIF format

If your QIF file has categories as your expense/income transactions in Quickbooks, use ProperConvert for quick conversion from QIF to IIF.

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