Convert transactions to an importable by Quicken format

See below which format your Quicken imports and choose a converter to convert your files to this format. In case your Quicken imports QIF and QFX files, either format has issues and advantages. The same applies to QFX and CSV Mint files.

QIF format highlights:

QFX format highlights:

CSV Mint format highlights:

Convert to the QFX (Web Connect) format

QFX files are Web Connect files and do not carry categories like QIF files. Quicken categorizes transactions after import using the renaming rules or categories can be assigned by the user later.

Convert to the QIF format

QIF format is great format supporting categories and tags. Quicken discourages QIF format, but still imports it fine. Quicken 2015 and 2016 have issue with QIF import and QIF files should be imported through proxy cash accounts. Quicken 2017 fixes the issue and imports the same way as Quicken 2014 and earlier versions. Quicken has to be at least Deluxe version to import QIF files directly into bank or credit card accounts. Quicken for Mac 2015 or later do not import QIF files, but Quicken for Mac 2007 does import QIF files fine. QIF Format has many variants, make sure to select correct QIF variant for your Quicken version or other personal finance or accounting software.

Convert to the CSV Mint format (for Mac only)

Quicken for Mac 2015+ has option to import a CSV Mint file (files exported from Mint web site. These CSV Mint files are imported into a new Quicken account, but transactions can be easily moved under other account, so CSV Mint is great option to import transactions on Mac as QIF format is not available. CSV Mint have category unlike QFX files.