Bank2QBO: Convert QFX/OFX/QBO/QIF to QBO (Web Connect)

Easy to use secure solution to review/convert your transactions and import into your accounting software. Convert QFX/OFX/QBO/QIF to QBO and import into QuickBooks 2018, 2017, 2016, (PC/Mac/Online). Support is available before and after purchase

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Which QuickBooks version can import QBO (Web Connect) files?

The latest version of QuickBooks 2018 imports QBO (Web Connect) files. Earlier QuickBooks versions import QBO (Web Connect) files until they becomes three years old. For example, if right now year 2018 then QuickBooks 2016 is the earliest version that imports QBO (Web Connect) files.

How I should import a QBO file that Bank2QBO created under QuickBooks 2016+ QuickBooks (including 2018)?