Need to import transactions, but the format is not supported? Convert CSV/XLS/XLSX to IIF and import into QuickBooks (Win/Mac), (Win/Mac). Extract transaction data from CSV or Excel files from your bank. Support is available before and after purchase

What can I do with CSV2IIF (CSV/XLS/XLSX to IIF Converter)?

Why should I trust CSV2IIF?

If I need any help with conversion, can you help me?

Can I try before purchasing?

Do you have a sample CSV file to help me started?

I have an Excel file? Do I need to convert it to CSV?

In most cases no - all CSV converters can read Excel (XLSX and XLS) files. If you Excel file has multiple sheets and transactions are not on the first sheet, then yes, you need to convert to CSV the sheet with transactions.

What structure(layout) must a CSV/Excel file have?

The first line should be the header - column names in common English like date, amount, payee, memo, check number.

Every other line should be one transaction.

What is a transaction in a CSV file?

Transaction takes one line in the CSV file and must have date, amount, description, optional payee/r and check number.

Is there difference between bank and credit card transactions?

How I should import an IIF file that CSV2IIF created under Quickbooks?