General Journal Entries: Convert spreadsheets to general journal entries

Need to import multiple general journal entries in your CSV/Excel file into QuickBooks?

Try the GJE (General Journal Entries) app (formerly CSV2QBJ converter). It can convert your general journal entries into a format that QuickBooks Desktop can import.

Please notice that this product is no longer available. A new product, ProperConvert, supports more file formats.

Import General Journal Entries Into QuickBooks

For QuickBooks desktop, convert to IIF format almost any available QuickBooks version or QBJ format if you have QuickBooks Desktop 2013 or later, QuickBooks Enterprise 13 or later, QuickBooks Desktop for Mac 2013 or later.

Convert multiple journal entries as one file

The GJE app converts multiple journal entries in your CSV or Excel in one IIF or QBJ file.

To help you work fast and efficient with one CSV or Excel, the app supports processing of multiple journal entries.

Work in Excel or export from other system in your workflow

Your ecommerce, production or other purpose system may export general journal entries as CSV or TXT format. The GJE app understands different date formats, numeric formats, decimal and other separators, encodings, so you can use exported CSV file with minimal or no changes required.

IIF or QBJ choice

The IIF and QBJ formats have their advantages and disadvantages compared to each other in different situations. With the GJE app you have a choice to utilize each format effectively.

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