PDF2QBO: Convert PDF to QBO (Web Connect)

Need to import transactions, but the format is not supported? Convert PDF to QBO and import into QuickBooks 2019, 2018, 2017, 2016, (Win/Mac/Online). Extract transaction data from text-based PDF files from your bank

What can I do with PDF2QBO (PDF to QBO Converter)?

Why should I trust PDF2QBO?

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Which PDF statements are supported?

PDF statement must downloaded directly from your bank. When you open a PDF file in a PDF viewer, the text must be selectable and allowed to be copied.

Are scanned PDF statements supported?

Not a this moment. You will spend a lot of time correcting OCRed scanned document. It is faster and easier to use Excel to enter data and use one of our CSV2* converters to convert to required format.

Which QuickBooks version can import QBO (Web Connect) files?

The latest version of QuickBooks 2019 imports QBO (Web Connect) files. Earlier QuickBooks versions import QBO (Web Connect) files until they becomes three years old. For example, if right now year 2019 then QuickBooks 2017 is the earliest version that imports QBO (Web Connect) files. You may find that 2016 still imports QBO (Web Connect) files, please use the trial version to confirm that before purchasing.

How I should import a QBO file that PDF2QBO created under QuickBooks 2017+ QuickBooks (including 2019)?