2 accounts at a bank, Checking and Savings

I am trying your OIF2QFX software but have a question. I save 2 accounts at a bank, Checking and Savings. Your software converts both to my checking account. I need to import Checking to Checking and Savings to Savings. Not Savings to Checking. How do I set this in your software?
asked Dec 18, 2013 by anonymous

1 Answer

Thank you for trying QIF2QFX!

For your case I would suggest to use FIXMYQIF instead at http://www.propersoft.net/FIXMYQIF/

Once you load the QIF file, click on the Account Mapping tab and enter the account NAMES for corresponding accounts exactly as you have in Quicken.

Quicken supports QIF files for all account types. Please follow the instructions on http://www.propersoft.net/FIXMYQIF (select "<All accounts>" for the account dropdown list on the QIF import screen).

Another option would be to save accounts separately from your bank and convert them with QIF2QFX (or FIXMYQIF as well).

Sergiy - ProperSoft Products Support
answered Dec 18, 2013 by sergiy
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