import not correct

I have imported a file to the converter and mapped my fields.  I had 23 transactions.  When I import to QBooks 2013 only 2 transactions upload and I get no error messages.  It is also not mapping the account name when I import.  I am familar with how the process should work, I upload to QB QBO files all the time.  Please help we are new to your product.

Thank you
asked Jun 16, 2015 by anonymous

1 Answer


Please to the following the fix the issue:

  • start CSV2QBO and load the CSV file
  • select "clear custom mapping" from the mapping dropdown list (on the left from the Review Mapping button)
  • save new QBO file

QBO files do not carry the expense account. The accounts are assigned in QuickBooks based on vendor info (the account on vendor record is used for imported transaction).

answered Jun 16, 2015 by sergiy
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