QuickBooks thinks resulting QBO file is for Wells Fargo

Hi everyone,
I used to trick QuickBooks Pro for Mac myself, regarding Web Connect files for my B of A credit card. I'd download the QFX file, edit the file in TextEdit by substituting a different INTU.BID number, and bada-bing! QuickBooks would import the file into my Bank of America register, no problem. Until this month. Now that hack doesn't work.

Oh, it converts the untouched B of A QFX file just fine. But when QuickBooks Pro 2013 for Mac tries to import it, the dialog states it's a Wells Fargo file. There is a selector box below to tell QB which account to import into, and the only credit card accounts that appear are all deleted / decommissioned / inactive accounts. B of A does NOT appear on that list. I can also click the NEW button to *CREATE* an account, but I already *have* an account! One that's got a lot of entries in it. I don't want to create a new account when I've already got one!

So here I am in the same place I started this morning. BTW, the web is full of others with the same complaint -- our QuickBooks "hack" no longer is working. I think the company may have gotten wise to this scheme. Don't know for sure. All I know is that no combination of Bank Names, FID numbers and INTU.BID numbers is working anymore -- changing JUST the INTU.BID, or the FID and INTU.BID, or the Bank name, FID and INTU.BID … all yield either the "doesn't list the B of A account" problem or a dialog that says "no transactions were imported" or "contact your financial institution."

If you can figure THIS out, you are truly QuickBooks Conversion Gods. :)

asked Jul 6, 2015 by anonymous

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Hello Ken,

Please do the following to fix the issue:

- in QuickBooks edit the account you need to import into
- click Online Settings, select "Not enabled" save changes
- Import again and select the account you just edited (ignore Wells Fargo label - this belongs only to the QBO file)

answered Jul 6, 2015 by sergiy
Wow -- that worked! So simple too! I realize that I probably could go back to using my "hack" with TextEdit and copying and pasting in the right INTU.BID number … but the fact that you solved this problem is worth paying for! And I like using the software too; I don't have to keep looking up the technique in Evernote every time I want to use it. So thank you, and now I can rest assured that I can convert ANYTHING I need to convert!

I only wish Fidelity would allow file downloads; they don't post statements in any format other than PDF. *sigh*
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