Quicken never prompts me for which account to choose

With the trial I did a few imports into Quicken 2013 successfully (credit
card). Then I converted another few months, and tried to import those.
Quicken never prompts me for which account to choose, just proceeds and
then none of the transactions are imported. I've repeated a few times,
same behavior. I thought maybe it was the transaction limit from the
trial, so I purchased a license, registered with the new code, but same
behavior persists.
Any ideas?

asked Jul 7, 2015 by anonymous
Seems like all those transactions came in repeatedly, but to the wrong
account. I've deleted the acct and am starting over.

Next problem, the dates are getting messed up in the translation.

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Hello Beth,

for QFX files, Quicken links the account info the QFX file to chosen account for the first time and then uses it for another file with the same info.

For other account, enter the account ID as other number on the Settings tab and create new QFX file. Try to import again, and Quicken will ask to choose the account for this import.

For date formats, please choose expected format on the Settings tab and reload the CSV file.

answered Jul 7, 2015 by sergiy
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