How to associate the CSV2QFX upload to a different quicken account?

I am presently using this tool to upload my CSV export from my bank into Quicken with out issue, all is well.  I like it very much.  But now I want to use it to upload files for additional Quicken checking accounts/savings accounts that I have with other financial institutions.  When I have the Quicken account open and active that I want to use, and I select the exported and converted file for that specific account, it keeps getting added to my first checking account that I setup.  How do I associate a new account for the upload?  
I have select High priority because I am getting months behind on my registers.  

asked Aug 22, 2015 by anonymous

1 Answer

Hello Barry,

To import under other account, enter different account I'd on the setting tab before saving the QFX file.

When you will import this QFX file for the first time, Quicken will ask to select the account during import.

answered Aug 22, 2015 by sergiy
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