Importing to YNAB

It's working fine except that the special norwegian characters  æøå  in the text  in payee and memo are not correct.   Is there a way to correct this? Geir
asked Aug 23, 2015 by anonymous

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Hello Geir,

If possible, please send the CSV file. I have to check if it supplied as ANSI or UTF8.

On the screenshot you sent in CSV2QIF and YNAB letters look identical (except for the font in YNAB shows ø as double crossed).

answered Aug 23, 2015 by sergiy
Hello Sergiy,

Here is an example of a csv file. It contains both the norwegian letter ø
and å.

In YNAB these characters are distorted.
Hello Geir,

Thank you for sending the files - very helpful!

New version is available to support YNAB. Please download from and install over existing version.

Once updated, start CSV2QIF, load the CSV file, then select QIF target as YNAB, and save new QIF file.

The QIF file is saved as UTF8 which should be good for YNAB. I tried to convert your CSV file, and import created QIF file and confirmed special characters shown correctly.

Hello again Sergiy,

It worked! Excellent service!

Thank you.

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