quickbooks credit card transactions are not posted to the correct account

the QuickBooks credit card transactions that I am uploading are not posting to the correct account. I deleted the transactions and now the message is saying I have no new transactions. Irma
asked Aug 25, 2015 by anonymous

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Hello Irma,

Please do the following:

- in QuickBooks, edit the account you previously imported and deleted transactions, click on the Online Services tab, select "Delete online services link and save the changes".
- in BANK2QBO, convert the file again so you have new QBO file (it will have new transaction IDs)
- import new QBO file in QuickBooks and select correct account

answered Aug 25, 2015 by sergiy
When I try to import the files (various credit cards) they automatically go to a Wells Fargo bank account by default and this is not even a bank I use. When I try to add the proper accounts under the add account field, the program does not allow me to add a new account.

For multiple accounts, please make sure to enter different account IDs in CSV2QBO, so each QBO is saved with its own account id (use actual credit card numbers to make it easier).

Wells Fargo bank is default bank for QBO files (INTU.BID value 3000). You can change it on the Settings tab before saving the QBO file. Click the Look up button to locate your bank. If your bank is not listed, keep the default value (3000). This is only for the QBO file - you will choose actual account in QuickBooks during import.

Once your have new QBO files for each credit card, try to import them again. QuickBooks will ask to choose existing account or create new one. When you will import another QBO file with the same account ID (see above about different account IDs), QuickBooks will import it into previously selected (linked) account. See my previous response how to unlink previously linked account.

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