Transfering QBO file to Quickbooks bank account

When I try to transfer the QBO file, QuickBooks says that I do not have an account set up. Carlos
asked Aug 27, 2015 by anonymous

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Hello Carlos,

Yes, this is expected - it is called "online linking" by QuickBooks terms. You have to do it only once. You will notice that the bank is Wells Fargo - this is only related to the QBO file - you will choose actual account during import.
answered Aug 27, 2015 by sergiy
Hi Serigy

I have already set up the on line linking with QuickBooks. What I am attempting to do is import old information into my register so I can then reconcile the account. My bank (PNC Bank) only uses qbo format for information within the last 90 days. I am trying to import statements that are from 2012 and PNC only makes them available as .csv or .xls file. Hence the reason for my need of the .qbo converter. I attached screenshots so you can see what I’m talking about. Please feel free to call me




QBO import involves "online linking". Since you already have the account "online linked" it is not available during QBO import.

To fix that, please do the following:

  • Edit the account you need to import into (though the Chart of Accounts) and click on Online Services tab.
  • Select "Remove/Delete online services link" and save the changes.
  • Import QBO again and you should the account now listed under the dropdown for existing accounts
  • Once everything is reconciled, remove online link again and link back to your bank.
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