Credit Card Mapping has wrong fields

I'm having a problem with the mapping from my CSV file to a Credit Card format.  The mapping shows Investment categories, not credit card categories.    Therefore, I can't map the "Category" in the CSV file to a "Category" for the imported credit card transactions.  I am using Web connect, as you suggested.  

Screen shot shows my raw input file and the Review Mapping window ...

More help please!

asked Aug 30, 2015 by anonymous

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Hello Jacobs,

QFX and OFX formats do not have Category field. Quicken compensates for that by offering renaming rules and using categories assigned to payees for imported transactions.

Are you importing into Quicken Essentials for Mac or Quicken for Windows?

If you are using Quicken for Windows, you can use QIF format. QIF format does support categories. If you are using Quicken for Windows, I would suggest to use CSV2QIF instead.
answered Aug 30, 2015 by sergiy
I am running Windows 7 on a Mac via Parallels.   Sorry for the confusion.

I actually run CVSQIF/QFX on Windows, and import to Quicken 2013.

I'm sorry I wasn't clear.  If you look at the screen shot, it shows I was looking at the Credit Card mapping, but the fields (on the left side) correspond to Investment transactions, not Credit Card transactions.  For example, "Quantity of Shares" does not belong in a credit card transaction.

I want to use the field called "Category" in the CSV file to map to the "Category" field of the Quicken transaction.

QFX format does not carry the category. There is simply no field to map to. If you want to assign the category through QFX import, you have assign the category to the payee record (in Quicken, before QFX import) or create renaming rules in Quicken to assign the category during import based on rules.

I suggest to use QIF file instead.

For Quicken for Windows, please use CSV2QIF (you original order). CSV2QIF creates importable QIF files for all account types and all Quicken version up to the latest one (2013). Please ignore Quicken notices about QIF files not supported, etc. - 'correct' QIF files are fully supported.

CSV2QIF creates importable QIF files and QIF does carry the category. CSV2QIF allows you to map the category field.

Two important things with QIF files:

- (IMPORTANT) in CSV2QIF, enter your account NAME exactly as you have in Quicken. Look for account NAME textbox, enter the name there and save new QIF file.

- in Quicken, select File->Import->QIF, then (IMPORTANT) select <All accounts> from the account dropdown list. Find screenshot how to select (scroll down).

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