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I have the QIF Spec- CSV files from Investment companies are frequently missing the Action Code - For example Dividend - I have tried entering "DIV" in that column but you are not processing that code.  Where is the list of codes for the CSV file that you will map to the QIF code?  If I have to edit the QIF file, it is not worth it, I could manually enter all the transactions is the same amount of time. the CSV file is fast and easy to edit.


asked Sep 18, 2015 by anonymous

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Hello Tim,

Please make sure the column with investment actions is mapped to "Investment Action" under Transactions tab. Click the Review mapping to change it. DIV is correct code.

Also for investment transactions, make sure full security name, price and quantity are supplied (otherwise regular QIF transactions will be created).

Here is the list of all Investment Action codes (the first word on each line):

Buy A security Buy
BuyX A security Buy and transfer of cash from another account
Sell A security Sell
SellX A security Sell and transfer of proceeds from another account
CGLong Long term capital gains
CGLongX Long term capital gains and transfer of proceeds to another account
CGMid Mid-term capital gains (converted to short term on import as OFX doesn¢t support this)
CGMidX Mid-term capital gains and transfer of proceeds to another account
CGShort Short Term Capital Gains
CGShortX Short-term capital gains and transfer of proceeds to another
Div Dividend
DivX Dividend and transfer to another account
IntInc Interest Income
IntIncX Interest Income and transfer to another account
ReinvDiv Dividend reinvested
ReinvInt Interest Income Reinvested
ReinvLg Long term capital gains Reinvested
ReinvMd Mid- term capital gains Reinvested
ReinvSh Short-term capital gains Reinvested
XIn Transfer of cash into the account
XOut Transfer of cash out of the account
MiscExp Misc Expense
MiscExpX Misc Expense covered by another account
MiscInc Misc Income, optionally associated with a security.

answered Sep 18, 2015 by sergiy
DIV was ignored and not include in the QIF file - same file had buy and sell and those worked - mappings were all set -

Downloaded csv did not have "DIV" I entered them

Could you please send your CSV file (the header with column names and few lines is enough).

Thanks Sergiy – When I built the test file and performed the steps again, it worked. Not sure what happened yesterday. I had all the same codes you sent me and then some.

One last question – How do I default the settings – I don’t want to mark all Transactions as cleared and I have to uncheck that box each time I start he application.


Tim Coffey

This can be set on the Settings tab - uncheck "mark all transactions as cleared".

I got that but I have to do uncheck it every time I start the program – Can I make that permanent? Can you save settings?

Yes, Tim, it should be saved. Let me fix that and get back to you.

No Big Deal – I thought I was just missing something – I checked the Program Files area, the local settings application area and windows\inf – do not see any place where information would be saved by the program. I can live with it this way it is not that important.


new version is available to save the setting. Please download the latest version from and install over existing version.

Thanks – seems to work.

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