Issue with mutiple file import in Bank2CSV


Issue with mutiple file import with BANK2CSV.
Found I had set the QIF date format as US with MM/DD/YY when Aus Bank file was DD/MM/YY

Other minor issue was the import location is not remembered if you change directory during same session for import file location.

asked Dec 18, 2013 by anonymous

1 Answer

Please set the QIF date format on the Settings tab before loading the QIF file. It will start with this format first and will rotate to other two formats if the QIF file cannot be parsed with selected date format.

For example, set the QIF date format as DD/MM/YYYY. Try to load an AU bank file and it should load fine. Try to load US bank file with date like
11/23/2012 and it will switch to US date format for all records on the file (it will keep the selection on the Settings tab).
answered Dec 18, 2013 by sergiy
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