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I am currently using a trial version of the software and would like to purchase it, however I have a few major concerns. I loaded ten test transactions into the program and toggled the mapping so that all my categories were aligned with the program's presets (ex: vendor names are listed under payee, expense categories are listed under account type). When I save and convert the file and then import it into QuickBooks, not all of the information from the program populates into the correct fields. The transaction dates and amounts are correct; but the field that I assigned as payee reads as "description" in QuickBooks, meaning I'd have to manually re-enter the payee name. Furthermore, the account type doesn't show up at all.

A separate problem is that when I import using the webconnect options and QuickBooks asks me to select a bank account, the menu automatically assumes that the financial institution of my transactions is Wells Fargo and the account number is: 99999999. I am unable to change either one. QuickBooks then assumes that I want to activate online services. Can you please explain to me how your program might be affecting this?

asked Oct 18, 2015 by anonymous

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Hello Joey,

Thank you for sending all details.

QBO format does not carry the category (expense/income account). QBO must have payee and memo for each transactions, so if only one is supplied (either payee or memo) than another is duplicated to allow import.

QuickBooks uses account from the vendor record matched to payee name.

QBO files are Web Connect files. It means QuickBooks uses account info from the QBO file to "online link".

QBO files are created as Well Fargo accounts by default as the file has to be from allowed bank. Bank label on the QBO file should be ignored, since you are choosing actual account during import.

CSV2QBO creates QBO files ready to import into QuickBooks and no more. QBO files are Web Connect their known limitations and established by QuickBooks the process to import them.

You may try CSV2IIF at IIF files allow Category column (expense/income account), but you must provide the following on the CSV file for successful IIF file:

  • account NAMES must be exactly as you have in QuickBooks, otherwise new accounts will be created during import
  • payee names must match vendor records otherwise new vendor records will be created.
answered Oct 18, 2015 by sergiy
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