Program is not converting all data.

I am trying to move 71 transactions from CSV to QFX for Quicken 2011.  Upon converting my data and importing, only 20 came over.  I tried again, and only a few others came over.  Is this a limitation of the program or am I just doing something wrong?  Thanks.
asked Dec 19, 2013 by anonymous

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Please check if you have assigned the reference column to the category column. The Reference column uniquely identifies transactions, and should not be used unless completely unique - otherwise Quicken would ignore transactions with the same reference and import only the first one.

To resolve the issue, please do the following:

- start CSV2QFX, load the CSV file, select "Clear custom mapping" form the mapping dropdown list.

You may also edit the mapping, and select "do not use" for the Reference dropdown on the sidebar.

Please create new QFX file after the changes above are done.

For your CSV layout, I would suggest to use CSV2QIF at
CSV2QIF creates importable QIF files for all account types. Enter the account NAME as you have it in Quicken and select "<All accounts>" on the QIF import screen.
answered Dec 19, 2013 by sergiy
Thanks for the help. Is there any field I could assign "Catagory" to that
doesn't require unique identifiers?
answered Dec 19, 2013 by anonymous
QFX format does not carry the category - QIF format does.
answered Dec 19, 2013 by sergiy
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