CREDITS import to both Payment & Charge columns...

I am evaluating BANK2IIF.

When importing VISA charges from a .qbo file, the CREDITS post to both the Payment and Charge columns on our VISA account.

If you delete the Charge entry the Payment entry also is removed.

Driving me insane... please help.
asked Nov 21, 2013 by Brad Norman

1 Answer

Brad, Make sure enter the account NAME for the Visa account is entered on the Account Mapping tab. Make sure, on the Category Mapping the Visa Account name is not entered (enter names for default expenses and income). Create new IIF file. Check the IIF file in notepad - it should have each transaction as two lines. The first line should have the Visa account, and the second line should have the expense account name.
answered Nov 21, 2013 by sergiy
I have done this BUT then I get a Credits account with negative credits.

What I want is the credits to the VISA account to only show in the Credit column.

If I can Skype you, please email me.  Thanks...
Please email

If possible, include your QBO and IIF files.
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