Change QFX from Wells Fargo to Fort Knox Federal Credit Union

Every time I load a file from your tool into Quicken 2010 it says it's "Well
Fargo", which is not correct.  My instuition is "Fort Knox Federal Credit
Union".  How can I change that?

Also it loaded a checking account into the correct account in Quicken, but
when I try to load the "Savings" account for the same instituition it goes
into the "Checking" account in Quicken.  How can I have it load 2 different
loads into the same institution in Quicken?

Thanks, Dale
asked Jan 4, 2014 by anonymous

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Hello Dale,

You can change INTU.BID (Bank selector) on the Settings tab. Click the Look Up button to locate your bank INTU.BID. If you bank is not listed, keep the default value as 3000 (Wells Fargo), since it is related only the the QFX file - you will choose the account during import.

For the second account change the account id on the Settings tab and create the QFX file.

You may also consider to use CSV2QIF.

CSV2QIF creates importable QIF files for all account types. For the QIF file, simply select the account type and enter the account NAME before sacing the QIF file and select "<All accounts>" from the account dropdown list on the QIF import scren in Quicken.

answered Jan 4, 2014 by sergiy
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