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I am using the CSV2QFX converter for Quicken 2010. I was using it okay for my primary checking account but changed something and now I get error messages when trying to import the file into Quicken after conversion. The first error message I get is " Quicken is unable to verify the financial institution information for this download." Then the next message is "Your Quicken online services have been discontinued [OL-221-A]." What do I need to do?

asked Dec 2, 2013 by Barry

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Quicken 2010 no longer allows QFX import (all Quicken versions do that after three years). I would suggest to switch to CSV2QIF QIF import never expires.

CSV2QFX creates QFX and CSV2QIF creates QIF files, both importable into Quicken. Both converters help you create a file importable by Quicken.

Quicken 2010 no longer imports QFX, but still imports QIF (and always will be).

Here is the article for QFX vs QIF differences:


answered Dec 2, 2013 by sergiy
I have upgraded as you recommended and this QIF import is not working as expected. I am following your very vague instructions under Help and the import either wants to create new account which I have let it several times, or it just tries to import and nothing happens. What now?

With QIF import, three things are very important:

1) account name

- in CSV2QIF, enter the account NAME exactly as you have in Quicken before saving the QIF file. Otherwise you will be prompted by Quicken to create new account name with the name your provided. Default account name is "Checking". Change it to actual account name and create new QIF file.
- another way of doing this is to enter the account name "Import". When you import the QIF file like this for the first time, agree to create new account Import. Once the file is imported, you will new account named Import. You can review transactions there and then cut and paste them under correct account. To cut and paste, select the Import account, right click on the transaction grid and select "Select all", then right click again and select "Cut transactions". Then switch to other account, right click on the transaction grid and select "paste transactions".

2) in CSV2QIF, select correct account type, and QIF target as "Quicken", before saving the QIF file.

3) select "All accounts" during QIF import from the account dropdown list.

Also for CSV parsing, review the Transactions grid and make sure dates, amounts (expenses as negative, payments as positive), payee, check numbers and memos are properly assigned.
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