Reinstalled CVS2QBO - How to import to previous QB account

Our primary bank account is Everbank but in the past the generated QBO imports to  Alliance Bank.  I attempted the QBO import but it went to Wells Fargo which we use for PayPal.  I backed up QB prior to trying so I can restore and start over but:

1.  On the loaded CVS file prior to outputing the QBO I see that in Settings, look up there are 3 Alliance Banks to select from.  How do I determine which to use so it matches the QB data and imports as a continuation of the last imput?

2.  What do I enter for "Bank I.D" (no idea what the Bank I.D. should be) and for "Account number" (do I use the real Everbank account #)?

I will have similar issues with other accounts and hopefully the treatment will be the same.
asked Apr 8, 2014 by Joey

1 Answer


On the Setting tab, click the Look Up button and locate your bank. If your bank is not listed, keep the default value (3000, Wells Fargo). If you are already using INTU.BID as 3000 for other account, change the account ID before saving the QBO file.

Bank ID is different from INTU.BID and must a number. You can keep default value.
answered Apr 8, 2014 by sergiy
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