import PayPal transactions into Quickbooks - split Deposit?

am attempting to import PayPal income & expense via CSV2QBO, am able to get data into QB. I would like to have the paypal fee as a second line (split) in part of the Deposit.

(Sale - Income from paypal)

1010 PayPal Bank account

1920 PP Deposits account  $100

6550 PPfee  $2.70

Net $97.30  into PayPal Bank account

all in one screen. now I have the cc fee as a check and the sale as a deposit. When we go to reconcile at the end of the month the fee is in seperate column of expenses and have to match it up to the sale in the deposits column. we are processing about 150-250 transactions per month.


is this the proper software utility to get this done?

------------ added---------------

I have updated CSV2QBO and see 3 split columns, am continuing to test, and am still in the check and deposit mode for cc fee and sale.
asked Dec 3, 2013 by Carl

1 Answer

for split transactions, please use CSV2IIF. Make sure to map split columns by using Split1-3 fields.

answered Dec 6, 2013 by sergiy
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