Can I change the <DTPOSTED> format?

The output from my conversion has DTPOSTED formats like this:




My upload destination (NetSuite) incorrectly processes this as 20140331.  If I pass this:




...everything is fine.  Can I change the output format?
asked Apr 13, 2014 by anonymous

1 Answer


Set "Support MS Money 99" checkbox and it will make dates in YYYYMMDD format.

Another option is to use CSV2QIF with NetSuite target set.

answered Apr 13, 2014 by sergiy
If I set the "Support MS Money 99" checkbox, the date looks like:




That still leves me with the same problem. I need the date to be 20140402.  I have already purchased CSV2OFX.  Can I change the license?
please open a support ticket at
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