Unable to get the category field in the QFX file

I downloaded the trial version of CSV2QFX, however, I am unable to get the category field in the file. Is that not available for import and also the notes of Quicken 2013 that I want to import into. can you please let me know if that is possible or can you please send a sample file with category so that I can play with it.

asked Jun 6, 2014 by anonymous

1 Answer

Hello Joel,

QFX format does not carry the category (for QFX import you can use renaming rules in Quicken to assign the category during import).

For Quicken 2013 you can use CSV2QIF at http://www.propersoft.net/CSV2QIF/ and it will pick up the category field from your file (or you can map it manually).

CSV2QIF creates importable QIF files for all account types and all Quicken versions including Quicken 2013. Please remember to do these two things:

- in CSV2QIF, enter the account NAME exactly as you have in Quicken and select the account type, otherwise Quicken will ask you to create new account during import)
- in Quicken, select FIle->Import->QIF file and then select <All accounts> from the account dropdown list (also ignore the message about supported account types)

Please visit http://www.propersoft.net/CSV2QIF/ and scroll down for more detailed import steps.
answered Jun 6, 2014 by sergiy
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