Thank-you for a great product that really helped

Thank you for the email. Your program worked flawlessly! Ive even shared
the link to your product with Wave Accounting and their support team.

I had absolutely no idea how to convert my bank statement and with your
software I didn't have to do anything but download and upload! The rest was
automatic! I am a history major NOT a techie- so this was the best out of
several other sites/programs I tried in one day.

I converted about 9 months of bank statements from .csv to .ofx in order to
get my taxes ready. We have a small owner-operated trucking business. Maybe
25- 30 monthly transactions.

I will be purchasing should I ever need it again! Actually, I may even
purchase just to support your work!

Thank-you for a great product that really helped out this ole grandmother!

Warmest Regards,

asked Jun 7, 2014 by anonymous

1 Answer


Thank you for your feedback! That's great news you got everything imported!

Please consider purchasing the license. You never know when you need to import again ;)!

ProperSoft is family-based business, and your support is greatly appreciated. CSV2OFX looks like a simple application (and it is from the user point of view), but there are many things happening inside to make sure your CSV file is parsed correctly, all data looks good and ready for the OFX file.

Here is the link to the purchase page:


answered Jun 7, 2014 by sergiy
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