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I have few questions, based on a fixed income as I am retired, and needing to run a strict monthly budget. I have requested monthly equal billing from service providers (gas, water etc).

  1. To enter monthly budget amounts in the table for daily expenses such as groceries, gas etc, I enter a monthly estimate. I then enter each daily expense in the Transactions tab and 'process' right? Or do I divide the monthly estimate by 30 applying daily occurrence, and again enter actuals in the transaction tab and process.
  2. For annual one-off expenses such as birthdays, car license, house maintenance, do I again estimate yearly total and divide by 12? This would be difficult, but I do need to put aside an amount each time these don't occur to save for the months they do occur, such as xmas time.
  3. I have tried to save the work I have done reviewing your product so I can experiment each day of the trial period, but my computer does not recognise the file type and I really am reluctant to download any more than is absolutely necessary. If I buy the produce how would I save the files? 

Many thanks.

asked Jun 11, 2014 by anonymous

1 Answer

Here are answers to your questions:

  1. You should create a recurring transaction with the schedule when you actually spend money (weekly for groceries, etc.). Check the "On hold" checkbox and enter approximate amount. When you do actual purchase, select the recurring transaction and click on "Process as today" button and enter actual amount spent. This will create actual transaction and advance the recurring transaction to the next scheduled date.
  2. The same applies for payments with other schedule.
  3. Simple Home Budget saves your data right away. You can create a backup file by selecting File->Save copy to...


answered Jun 11, 2014 by sergiy
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