QB importing qbo file as bank acct when it should be cc

  1. I successfully converted November csv to qbo, and imported into QB.  But it came in as a BANK account instead of credit card.
  2. So in QB, I edited the account to become a cc account (name AMEX Fidelity) instead of bank.
  3. Now I tried to import the December qbo file.  Since it imports the file as a BANK account, it doesn’t offer me the newly edited CreditCard AMEX Fidelity account as an option when I choose USE AN EXISTING QB account.

Appreciate your help.
Thank you

asked Jun 12, 2014 by anonymous

4 Answers

Please recreate the qbo file for December with correct account type and also do the following:

In QuickBooks:

- open the chart of accounts
- edit the account you need to import into
- click on the online services tab and select "delete/remove online services link"

answered Jun 12, 2014 by sergiy
Ah-ha!! Got it.

In CSV2QBO, I have the option to choose CHECKING, CC, or whatever.

I didn’t think to change it – don’t know why.

But this time for the December data, I changed it to CreditCard and when I imported in QB, the newly AMEX Fidelity cc account came up as an option.


Strange: still shows Wells Fargo for the main name, then when I click on Wells Fargo, AMEX Fidelity shows up.

Thank you,

answered Jun 12, 2014 by anonymous

Wells fargo setting is related only to the qbo file, but not the actual account you importing into.

answered Jun 12, 2014 by sergiy
Got it!

In SETTINGS, 3000 = Wells Fargo.

So I changed it to 3106 = American Express.

When it imported into QB, it came up as AMEX. Yay.


answered Jun 12, 2014 by anonymous
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