testing the trials to determine if it will work to get data into Quicken Essentials for the Mac

Quicken essentials, can only import QFX, but it can export CSV files.
as a test I exported an account from Quicken Ess.  to CSV, then used your software to convert it back to QFX and bring back into Quicken Essentials, however, it did not work correctly and was full of errors.  Since I could not get that to work, i'm hessitant to buy your product unless I can understand why.
My goal was to export my individual accounts.  Open the CSV up in excell, and add the missing data that I have from my bank/cc PDFs in excell in the same format and layout that the CSV was in.  Then bring back and update within Quicken essentials.  Please help me solve this problem, and I'll be more then happy to purchase any/all software needed to accomplish this task.  Thanks in advance.

asked Nov 4, 2014 by anonymous

1 Answer

Hello Jon,

CSV files extracted from Quicken Essentials are rather reports than data files. So you need to open then in Excel first and make them look like table with just transactions. Than you can use CSV2QFX (not BANK2QFX) at http://www.propersoft.net/CSV2QFX to convert

answered Nov 4, 2014 by sergiy
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