import into Quicken 2013

I downloaded a csv file from my  institution and converted it fine to QFX
format. however when I tried to run it with Quicken 2013, Quicken wanted to
add a new account of an institution I do not have in order to enter the
information. I had no way to enter the info in the appropriate account.
I am afraid that there are good chances of really screwing up the Quicken
configuration if I am not really careful.

Sincerely, Nick
asked Nov 5, 2014 by anonymous

1 Answer

Try CSV2QIF at (scroll down for instructions how to import into Quicken).

CSV2QIF creates importable QIF files for all account types (tested with Quicken 2013). The following items are very important for QIF conversion):

- (IMPORTANT) in CSV2QIF, select the account type and enter the account NAME as you have in Quicken
- once QIF file is saved, switch to Quicken
- in Quicken, select File->Import->QIF
- (IMPORTANT): select "<All accounts>" from the account dropdown list.

answered Nov 5, 2014 by sergiy
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