Trying to test import of credit card transactions, not working...

But when I test the import, QB2012(mac) thinks it is from Wells Fargo Bank and won't let me assign it to my Amex card (which is setup for online banking).   If the trial works, I will immediately purchase a license, as I have over 900 transactions to import!  :-)
asked Feb 24, 2015 by anonymous

2 Answers

OK, I figured it out! I had to disable the web connect feature (basically disable online access) for the account. Then it showed up in the drop-down of accounts to select from.

The trial seems to have worked perfectly, so I will be registering momentarily.

answered Feb 24, 2015 by anonymous
Hello Brent,

Thank you for ordering and your feedback!

It's great you have figured this out!

answered Feb 24, 2015 by sergiy
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