.qif, .ofx or .ofc for Money 2003


I just have one question.  I'm using Money 2003 which uses file extensions .qif, .ofx and .ofc.  what would be the difference in using one of your bank to file converters?  Would one of those converters be better for my use?


asked Feb 27, 2015 by anonymous

3 Answers

Hello John,

It depends on what your needs are.

QIF supports the categories, but OFX/OFC does not.
OFX/OFC supports transaction ID to exclude duplicate transactions, but QIF does not.

answered Feb 27, 2015 by sergiy
My sister has a .QDF file from her older Quicken 2002 app and she is trying to open it in Quicken 2013. She got a couple different errors so I tried validating the file and we got the message saying that it needed to be converted but it didn’t say to what.

I looked on your website and didn’t see anything for a qdf file. Would you be able to help or point me in the right direction?


answered Feb 27, 2015 by anonymous
Convert first to the qif file using Quicken 2002 for all accounts. Then import intoqif 2013 as qif selecting "<all accounts>" from the account dropdown list on the in qif import screen.

answered Feb 27, 2015 by sergiy
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